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RPGolf Legends - アールピーゴルフレジェンズ

A unique game of 'action-rpg-adventure-golf' that will take the player on a long journey, in a world where golf and monsters co-exist! Fight monsters, make allies, challenge other golfers, explore a huge world and most importantly, have the adventure of a lifetime!

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RPGolf - アールピーゴルフ

RPG and golf meet in RPGolf! Experience the first ever action golf RPG. Monsters, quests and a lot of golf in an adventure like never before!
Available on iOS, Android, Steam and Amazon devices.


Medicoda - メディコダ

The evolution of queuing systems, designed to minimize the stress of patients.
Medicoda combines a progressive web app (PWA) with a powerful backend to provide clinics in Japan the tool to make their patient's waiting time more tolerable and less stressful.

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