Corona SDK Endless Runner Template – Now on CodeCanyon!

Monday May 12th, 2014

This is a fully customizable template for an “Endless runner” style game, developed using Corona SDK. Works on both iOS devices and Android!

The game features randomly generated obstacles (4 different), platforms, and stars to collect :)

The longer the player runs, the faster the platforms will move. Points are increased in 2 ways: running and collecting stars. We also included video Ad with Vungle, you can change them to whatever you like (admob, etc…) as long as they are supported by Corona SDK

A lot of aspects can be easily customized in a easy to understand config file:

  • Name of the company/dev in the credits
  • Star spawning frequency
  • Points given by each collected star
  • Player jumping height
  • Ad ON/OFF
  • Ad VUNGLE account
  • Facebook app ID

The rest of the code is well commented, should not be a problem to change any other aspect not in the config. Included in the release:

  • Game source for Corona SDK (.lua)
  • Character spritesheet made with texturepacker
  • Background music!
  • A cool sound effect when you collect the stars
  • Anything else you might need

You can find it here: