NekoCart JS


What is NekoCart?

NekoCart is a fully customizable shopping cart made only with jQuery. No PHP is needed on your server! The main feature is the CSV based product list, that allows you to easily manage your shop and product options… No coding skills needed! Default payment method is PayPal, if there will be many requests we will add more in the future releases!

Why NekoCart?

When we first started developing NekoCart we had speed in mind. Many times there is no need to deploy a fully featured e-commerce solution just to sell a couple of products on a website…that would be an overkill. Also, not all hosts support php or databases, and this is a problem for many users.

NekoCart is lightweight and can run on ANY hosting space, all the code is client side ( no need for php, mysql, etc…)! Amazing? Of course!

Where can I get NekoCart?