WordPress Zero Gallery available on CodeCanyon!

Thursday July 2nd, 2015


Have you ever wanted a streamlined interface to manage all your media in WordPress? Zero Gallery takes the Media section of WordPress a step forward and enriches it with a lot of new features and API that will make your life as a user and a developer a LOT easier.
Until yesterday we were forced to install different plugins with very different user interfaces and behaviour if we needed to have an audio player, a gallery with a lightbox or a slider.
This often lead to the creation of new undesired tables in the database, performance loss in the system, difficulties in the case of a site migration and last but not least, a horrible user experience.
If you are tired of installing dozens of plugins to achieve many different purposes that could be achieved by a single plugin, then Zero Gallery is the solution you’ve been looking for!


Zero Gallery is a WordPress Media Library enhancer and a complex gallery PHP framework.
Zero Gallery extends the standard WordPress Media Library by adding Themes, Albums, Galleries, Categories, Tags and custom fields on each Media inside an Album.

For users:

Zero Gallery offers users a new way to better manage their WordPress Media without leaving the good old familiar WordPress interface.
An user can choose a global theme and/or a different theme for each different Album or Gallery he will create, depending on the type of content he wants to display.
As a user you will get:

  • Unified Media interface: all in one place, exactly where it should be
  • Easily manageable Albums and Galleries
  • Native WordPress Performance for the gallery, no more database mess!
  • Easy theme switching!
  • Easily make an album, update the content, rearrange its items with drag’n drop
  • Finally make that holiday blog post count with a good picture album! 😀

For developers:

Zero Gallery offers developers a powerful PHP framework to create new WordPress galleries, without having to worry about creating a backend management tool.
A Zero Gallery theme can provide an unique single way to show images or other media file to users, be it a customizable slider, a Metro-style image collection, a photo album, an audio library, a YouTube video gallery and why not, a document viewer.
The limit is your imagination!
With Zero gallery you get:

  • Powerful API
  • Theming system similar to WordPress
  • function.php file for each theme is supported
  • Custom field declaration
  • Tags and Categories on native WordPress media
  • Shortcodes to embed galleries and albums in any page/post/anywhere

…and More to come!!!

You can find it here: